Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 – All DMZ Barter recipes

Complete these recipes to earn valuable gear while playing in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s DMZ playlist.

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When you dive into Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0’s DMZ map, resources are the key to your survival, and gathering the correct ones can make or break your game. You can sell these items at a Buy Station or use them to complete quests assigned to you in the DMZ menu.

One new feature in DMZ is a Bartering system where you can choose to submit select items you find while exploring the map and bring them to the Buy Station. These will unlock special items for you to create, giving you an edge against other players as you attempt to survive. This guide covers all Barter recipes in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0’s DMZ.

Every Barter Recipe and Ingredients in DMZ

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You can visit any Buy Station on the DMZ map to pull up the Bartering window. Each recipe will be the same at every station across the maps, so you only need to worry about the type of ingredients you need to exchange and how to track down these resources.

These are all the Bartering recipes you can complete in DMZ.

Barter RecipesBarter Ingredients
3-plate Comms Vest2 Hard Drives, 2 Batteries, and a Soothing Hand Cream
3-plate Medic Vest3 Bandages, liquid, and a watch
Armor BoxElectric Tape, a Screwdriver, and C4
Durable Gas Mask2 Toothpastes, and a lighter
GPU2 Gold Bars and 5 Thumb Drives
Lost Room 403 Key4 Nuclear Fuel
MCPR-300Al-Qatala Train Cargo Manifest
Munitions BoxImported Tea and 500 Cash
Revive PistolA Bandage and Soothing Hand Cream
Scavenger BackpackA Battery, canned foods, and gun cleaning oil
Secure BackpackElectric Drill, a Gas Can, and a Gold Skull
Skeleton KeyA Videocassette Recorder, Vintage Wine, and an Encrypted Hard Drive
Tempered Plate CarrierClassified Documents, Sensitive Documents, and Documents