Call of Duty: Warzone PR, Explained

What’s your best Warzone match?

Call of Duty: Black Op Cold War Warzone Nail Gun

Image via Activision

When reviewing how far you’ve come since you first began playing in Call of Duty: Warzone matches, there’s a lot for you to review. Most players go through their kill/death ratio, trying to see how many times they’ve cheated death, and defeated other opponents that they’ve come across. Another good way to view your progression is through WZRanked, which lists your Personal Record, PR. WZRanked is a tool that is not used in the traditional Call of Duty: Warzone game, and is an outside application.

WZRanked for Call of Duty: Warzone gives you a detailed breakdown that goes into far more detail than merely listing out a simple kill/death ratio for your profile throughout your matches. You’ll be able to see how many streamers you’ve faced off against, the number of Gulag matches you’ve completed, and even see the best loadouts used by yourself or other players. The big highlight for a lot of competitive players is the PR. Your PR is the best match that you’ve ever had. It’s the single Warzone match that stood up as the biggest achievement regarding how many kills you achieved and your overall success rate.

If you’re looking to check out your profile’s PR, you can hop on over to WZRanked to see where you land. You’ll be able to input your ID, PlayStation, or Xbox handle to review the statistics. If your profile is set to profile, you’ll have a little trouble pulling up your information. You want to make sure you’ve clicked the ‘individual stats’ bar on the top of the page to review your information. It appears that WZRanked is only accurate for the current season of Warzone, so the statistics may not line up from previous seasons.

For streamers and competitive Call of Duty players, beating their PR is a noteworthy achievement. It’s a way to outperform yourself and consistently try to find a way to hit the next level in your gameplay. If you’re looking to compete against yourself, reviewing your WZRanked PR to try and top yourself each Warzone season.