Can crewmates customize Captained ships in Sea of Thieves?

Do your crewmates share your same love for cosmetics?

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Ship Captains in Sea of Thieves have the opportunity to purchase a fully customizable ship before they set sail and begin their adventure. These customized ships come with multiple options, from the standard cosmetic designs to the interior choices or a ship and various trinkets displayed within it. For friends taking part in these voyages, can crewmates customize Captained ships in Sea of Thieves?

Can crewmates customize a friend’s ship in Sea of Thieves?

Yes, we can confirm that crewmates of a Captained ship will have the chance to offer assistance in customizing a ship. They can go in to make small changes and operate similarly to a Captain, so long as the Captain permits it. This is not a default setting. The Captain must approve these permissions during a session, ensuring a Captain doesn’t lose a ship to a salty crewmate, and they can remove these permissions at any time. You can only select these options if you’ve purchased a ship.

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You can find the option in your main menu under the My Crew settings. Select it, and there will be an option for you to pick the Captain Permissions of your ship, and you can pick any crewmember currently in your party to have the same permission as a Captain, giving them the chance to mess around with the ship how they like. We recommend not taking this setting lightly, especially if you greatly admire the appearance of your ship, although another crew member can’t do anything permanently harmful to ruin a session completely.

You can retract these permissions anytime by visiting the same menu screen.