How to save ship cosmetics in Sea of Thieves

Save yourself time on preparing your ship’s appearance before each voyage.

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Cosmetics will not carry over between sessions when purchasing a customized captained ship in Sea of Thieves. You will need to grab them again and reapply them to your ship each time you play the game. However, there is a way for you to save these customization options for your prized ship, but you do have to go out of your way to grab them. Here’s what you need to know about saving ship cosmetics in Sea of Thieves.

Where to go to save ship cosmetics in Sea of Thieves

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The option to save your ship’s cosmetics will be available in-game, and you can do this when you make your way over to the Ship Customization Chest you can find at any Outpost. The chest will be on the dock, alongside where you can park your vessel or where it spawns when you begin the game. You can make all the customization options changes you like on your ship’s exterior and then select to have them saved before you set out on your next adventure with your crew. You will need to purchase a ship for this option to be available.

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Saving these options do cost gold. However, once you’ve made the purchase, those cosmetics you’ve placed will remain on the ship between sessions. It can quickly save you time from having to do it at the start of any session. You can also review your progress on a voyage by reviewing the Captain’s Logbook on the ship to see the many accomplishments you’ve completed alongside your crew.

You can ensure all the changes you and your crew make between games remain the same, adding the ship as another crew member. You may want to prepare to undergo some voyages and adventures with your friends to make up the costs.