Sea of Thieves Captaincy explained – how to buy and name ships

Form and lead your crew through treacherous waters.

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Captaincy brings a whole new level of roleplay in Sea of Thieves. Players are able to purchase their own ships and act as a Captain, gaining several different perks and new ways to progress in the game. There are several reasons to act as a Captain of a ship, or even join a friend as a crewmate. Here’s how to become a Captain and all the benefits that come with being one in Sea of Thieves.

How to buy a ship in Sea of Thieves

From the main Adventure menu, select My Ships, which is to the right of the standard Ship Type options. There is a Purchase a Captained Ship screen, and you can buy either a Sloop, Brigantine, or Galleon ship with in-game Gold. The prices are as follows:

  • Sloop: 250,000 Gold
  • Brigantine: 375,000 Gold
  • Galleon: 500,000 Gold

You will then name your ship, with a 20-character limit; this name can only be changed by buying a Renaming Deed. After that, the ship is yours to sail. Hitting the My Ships from now on will display the ships you own before giving you the option of buying another.

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What can you do as a Captain in Sea of Thieves?

Being a Captain in Sea of Thieves gives you access to a variety of features, but these can also be shared with the other players in your crew.

Shipwright Shop

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Originally just for selling ship cosmetics, the Shipwright at any Outpost will sell special Captain’s Voyages, supply stashes, and Trinkets to further customize your ship.

Captain’s Voyages

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The Shipwright’s Shop includes Captain’s Voyages, which you can hoard into your ship’s storage. These voyages provide a number of familiar activities, and you can choose accordingly based on how long or what type of quest you want to play.

Ship’s Logbook

The Captain’s Table has a logbook, which tracks permanent stats for the ship, as well as stats for each of the individual crew members and what you’ve done on the ship during that session.

Sell to the Sovereigns

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The Sovereigns are a special Trading Company on each Outpost, and Captained crews can sell nearly all of their loot to the Sovereigns for the same amount of money and reputation.

Ship customization

Captains — and their crewmates, if given permission in the menu options — can customize not only the ship’s cosmetics, but the decorations within the Captain’s Quarters too. Additionally, leveling up Milestones allows you to buy Trinkets to decorate your ship further.