How Does Pokemon Sleep Work? Dozing, Snoozing, Slumbering, & Sounds

Here is how all the different types of sleep positions and sounds work in Pokemon Sleep all in one included in guide.

Pokemon Sleep

Image via The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Sleep is the latest installment in the Pokemon franchise, and while it isn’t one of the mainline titles, it’s a unique take on the monster-collecting formula like Pokemon Go. However, this one asks players to do the opposite of getting active. Instead, it wants players to get a good night’s sleep.

Not only can players benefit from getting more sleep, but there are also many features in the game that players can use to get Pokemon in the game. With each passing night, players will have the opportunity to collect Pokemon by “befriending” them. These Pokemon will then collect berries to feed to Snorlax to upgrade its sleep power. Lucky trainers can even encounter Shiny Pokemon waiting to greet them when waking up in the morning. This guide will explain all the different features of Pokemon Sleep and how it works.

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What’s the Difference In Dozing, Snoozing, and Slumbering?

Pokemon Sleep how it works
Image via The Pokemon Company

Dozing, Snoozing, and Slumbering are different levels of sleep that players can reach during the night. The app or Pokemon Go Plus+ will track sleep patterns and give a chart explaining how much of each a player receives through the night.

Dozing is the state that isn’t quite snoozing yet, meaning the player could still be moving or they’re in a very light sleep. Snoozing is the next step up, the space between Dozing and Slumbering, meaning the sleep is a bit deeper. Slumbering is the deepest sleep that players can get in the game. This is said to be the dream state where people will have dreams in their sleep.

When a player wakes up in the morning, they will be evaluated on their sleeping habits, the app providing just how many hours of which sleep style they received during the night. Depending on which one a player gets the most of will determine what Pokemon types will spawn and which sleeping position they will have. These are what can be added and collected to players’ Sleepdex.

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How Do Sounds Work In Pokemon Sleep?

Pokemon Sleep
Image via The Pokemon Company

The Pokemon Sleep app doesn’t just track a user’s sleep patterns but also the noises they make throughout the night. This means if a player snores, squeaks, farts, coughs, or anything else, it will be tracked. Apparently, this feature even records if the sleeper falls off the bed.

In the morning, players will be able to easily listen back to their recordings from the previous night to see all sounds they made. It is confirmed that these recorded sounds will only be available within the Pokemon Sleep app for 24 hours before clearing from the app.

That is everything to know about how the different sleep styles and recording work in Pokemon Sleep. This app is helping many get a better night’s rest, so if a Pokemon hasn’t been collected yet, be sure to get it logged into the Pokedex.