Can WWE 2K23 be run on a Steam Deck? Answered

WWE 2K23 on the go?

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Since WWE 2K23 is on the Steam platform, you might be wondering whether the coveted Steam Deck can run the simulation wrestling game. Last year’s WWE 2K title could run on it, but many users did report crashes that made it quite difficult to do so. Well, what about this year? Can wrestling fans run WWE 2K23 on the portable device? Here is what you need to know about players’ experiences on the Steam Deck and whether it can be run on the device.

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WWE 2K23 on a Steam Deck

As of March 14, WWE 2K23 is not Steam Deck-verified. This is despite the fact that the Visual Concepts-developed title is available on the digital marketplace and other 2K titles like NBA 2K22 & 2K23 are verified.

Nonetheless, the platform should still be able to run WWE 2K23, despite the fact that it is not currently verified. Now, keep in mind that because this game is not verified, it may be subject to glitching and other graphical issues. A good example of this is the fighting game Undisputed, which does deliver a much better experience on a traditional desktop with at least minimum specifications.

By and large, Steam Deck-verified games have gone through the rigors to ensure that a good experience can be delivered on the device. Thus, be forewarned about playing WWE 2K23 on the device.

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The good news, though, is that the Steam Deck’s specifications should allow for WWE 2K23 to run at least well enough for players to have fun playing the wrestling game on the go. Early reports from social media do indicate that the game does run well and has been relatively void of crashes in the early goings. We can’t, however, guarantee that this will be the case for everyone.