Can Undisputed be run on a Steam Deck? Answered

Have a Steam Deck?

Image via Steel City Interactive

The simulation boxing game Undisputed officially became available on January 31, as the early access version of the title was released for PC. The game is only available via Steam, which does beg an interesting question: can Undisputed be played on a Steam Deck? It’s a very fair question, especially for those who have the Deck, but not a great computer for gaming. With that said, here’s what we can tell you about Undisputed and the Steam Deck.

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Can Undisputed run on a Steam Deck?

We can confirm that the Steam Deck can, in fact, run Undisputed. While Undisputed is not a Steam Deck-verified game as of January 2023, the simulation boxing game will function on the platform.

Now, we should note a few things about playing Undisputed on a Steam Deck. For one, users will be able to play Undisputed on the deck via the Gamepad. Under normal circumstances, a controller — whether it be a Xbox or PlayStation controller — is needed in order to play Undisputed on the PC. However, the Steam Deck will allow those who own the game to either use the Gamepad or a controller. So, pick whichever one you feel comfortable with.

Secondly, Undisputed may be subject to frame drops and/or graphical issues while playing the game. We should note that in our experiences with the early access edition, there were some FPS-related issues with running Undisputed while playing it on the Steam Deck & Docking Station.

Keep all of this in mind, should the Steam Deck be the only way that you can play Undisputed. If you also have a gaming PC, check out the system requirements needed in order to run Undisputed.