Can you become an Animagus in Hogwarts Legacy?

Can you become a rat or cat?

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People love the Harry Potter Universe for its imaginative world-building and inventive use of magic and sorcery. One of the most fantastical abilities in the series is the magic to transform into an animal, which is called being an Animagus. Animal transformation is one of the most well-known powers in the franchise, and fans are clamoring to know if they can become an Animagus in the Hogwarts Legacy video game. Characters in the novels and films can be taught to transform into animals, so it only makes sense for players to learn to become Animagus in the game, right?

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Can you learn to become an Animagus in Hogwarts Legacy?

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You can learn plenty of spells and other types of magic within Hogwarts Legacy, but unfortunately becoming an Animagus is not one of them. While the books and movies show students of Hogwarts learning transfiguration spells in their third year, there isn’t any class for you to take to learn animal transformation. Since Hogwarts Legacy takes place in the late 1800s, transfiguration classes may not get added to the school’s curriculum until many years later, by the time Harry Potter and his classmates finally start attending.

With that said, there is an Animagus student in Hogwarts Legacy. Natsai Onai, AKA Natty, can transform into an animal and turn back at will. She says she can transform into a gazelle at one point, but she is discouraged from using it on school grounds. Natty proves that animal transfiguration spells have existed since the time of Hogwarts Legacy, yet for whatever reason, you can’t be taught it.

It’s possible Animagus can be added to the game through a future update or DLC, but at the time of this writing, there is no way to learn how to become an Animagus in the title.