Can you change your character’s appearance in Wild Hearts?

Look the part, be the part.

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Wild Hearts has an in-depth and robust character creator that lets you alter almost everything. Your custom hunter will appear in the game’s cutscenes and use their chosen voice to speak and make callouts during combat sequences. If you didn’t like how your character turned out during your initial creation, it might seem like you can’t do anything about it, but that isn’t the case. This guide will explain how to change your character’s appearance in Wild Hearts.

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How to change your character’s appearance in Wild Hearts

Despite having no obvious options to edit or alter your character’s appearance, you can unlock a key item that will let you freely change every aspect of your hunter. To change your character’s looks, follow the steps below.

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1: You must save up 1,500 Kemono Orbs. Kemono Orbs are a reward for completing Kemono hunts and successfully using the Hunters Arm in battle. You will earn more Kemono Orbs if you beat monsters without using up one of your lives.

2: Access the Karakuri tab located on the Menu screen. From here, scroll down on the left side of the skill tree. You will find the Looking Glass Dragon Karakuri, find and purchase this upgrade. Keep in mind you can only purchase this upgrade if you own the upgrades connected directly to it.

3: Once you have the upgrade, travel back to the town of Minato. Build the Looking Glass mirror where you’d like. Once it is built, you can press L2 to change your character’s appearance and name. You can only access this functionality in Minato.

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With all those steps complete, feel free to experiment with your character and give them a look that matches your style as you chase down wild beasts left and right.