Can you craft Saddles in Minecraft? Answered

Back in the saddle again.

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When Minecraft first came out, Saddles were one of the rarer items you could come across in the game. There were not many ways to find them in the wild, which was unfortunate if you wanted to ride a mount. Now with consistent content and updates coming out over the years, Saddles are more accessible than ever and can be used on horses, mules, and donkeys, not just pigs. Here is how to find yourself a Saddle in Minecraft.

Can you make Saddles in Minecraft?

While there are more ways to find Saddles now than there used to be, they still remain one of the few items in the game that cannot be crafted. Unless you grab one in Creative, you will have to randomly locate one in the world. Let’s take a look at where you can find them.

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Where to find Saddles in Minecraft

There are quite a few ways to come across Saddles in Minecraft. The simplest way would be to fish them up in water source blocks. If you have some enchantments on a Fishing Rod, just throw your line out into the water, and eventually, you will pull in a Saddle or two. However, there are quite a few items you can come across by this method, so you are relying on getting lucky here no matter what you pull in.

You can also come across Saddles located in Chests in various locations. Dungeons with monster spawners and Nether Fortresses are the most common areas, but there may be a small chance of them appearing in abandoned mineshafts, temples, or other generated areas as well. Essentially, if you see a Chest in the world, there is a chance for a Saddle to be inside.

If you are tired of walking around and not finding a Saddle, you can also trade for them. Leatherworker Villagers who have been fully leveled up can potentially trade a Saddle with you for Emeralds. Unfortunately, it is not guaranteed what they will offer you each day, but let them sleep in a bed at night, and their stock will be refreshed.