Can you date a celebrity in BitLife?

Never meet your heroes.


Celebrities have made their way to BitLife, and you can interact with them on the various social media platforms available in the game. You can post to them and try to get their attention on your social platform, but you don’t appear to interact with them beyond this method. A significant question several players have is if you interact with a particular celebrity enough or your character becomes famous, can you date a celebrity? It doesn’t appear you can tie the knot with these notable figures.

You can directly post to a celebrity’s social media page on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can reply to them if they interact with you or annoy them with repeated posts. The celebrity choices in the game are all of the places, and they don’t seem to have a set rotation for who you met and when, so who you interact with on social media is relatively random.

Beyond these minor interactions and being able to share the posts, you won’t be able to date or marry and of the known celebrities that appear in BitLife. You won’t be able to find them in your regular rotation of potential love interests, and you can’t find a profile of them in the game. You could, potentially, change the name of a BitLife character you meet while you have God Mode enabled, which allows you to modify numerous other traits, such as their personality and stats. But that’s about it.