Can you drive cars in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3?

Beep beep.


Updated on July 6: According to tweets from assorted leakers and dataminers, cars will be coming to Fortnite with the update on Tuesday, July 21. This has not been confirmed by Epic Game at this time.

Original article: FortniteĀ Season 2 Chapter 3 introduced a host of changes to the game, flooding the map, adding new locations, and bringing lots of fun stuff like Whirlpools and shark riding. Eagle eye viewers of the trailer have also noticed that cars are moving around on the islands.

It seems that land vehicles will be making a return to the game in the form of a car/buggy that you will be able to drive around. We have scoured the internet and cannot find anybody actually driving one yet, nor can we find their locations in our own games. As such, the new vehicles may not have been added to the game yet, and we might need to wait a while for them to shop up, just like the Choppas from last season.

Via HYPEX Twitter

All the signs are there that you will be able to drive cars in Fortnite, you just can’t do it right now. It will be interesting to see if the cars will be able to go through water, a new sort of amphibious vehicle, or if they will need to be abandoned every time you want to jump between the small islands that now make up the map.

We will be keeping a close eye on any and all changes to the game, and will be tracking down as much new stuff as we can, so we will update this guide as we learn more about cars and their future in Fortnite.