Can you Fast Travel in Biomutant?

Speedy map traversal.


Image via THQ Nordic

Biomutant is a true open world game where players can go where every they wish. Right from the beginning of the game players are dropped down into the world and can do whatever they like, in whatever order they like. With such a big world that is truly open and inviting, players may be wondering if they can fast travel in Biomutant.

Thankfully, fast travel is indeed an option in Biomutant, and the system is pretty simple and engaging as well. As they explore the world, players will discover signposts that they can interact with. Doing so will “mark” the area, adding the signpost to their map of the world.

Players can then open their map, click on any of the small yellow dots that signify a signpost, and fast travel to that area. They do not need to be in any specific place to fast travel, and can do so at any time. As long as they have marked a fast travel sign, they can teleport back to that area whenever they like.

This supports the game’s true open world nature, and makes it pretty easy for players to get around, explore different quest chains, and allow themselves to get lost and run into dead ends without feeling punished for exploring.