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Can you feed Kelvin in Sons of the Forest?

Cooking with Kelvin.

Sons of the Forest is the sequel to the surprise 2018 hit, The Forest. Developer Endnight Games has gone to great lengths to improve upon the winning formula with the sequel, including new technology for NPCs and enemies that react to how you interact with them and the environment. Soon after you crash on the island, you will come across another survivor named Kelvin. Players have already fallen in love with him, and so they naturally want to help the guy out. While part of the game involves taking care of your own hunger and thirst, some people also wonder if they can also help Kelvin with his dietary needs.

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How to feed Kelvin in Sons of the Forest

What players will soon realize, however, is that Kelvin doesn’t seem to really need any help through you feeding him. Your first interactions make it seem like he will need some assistance due to him being a bit out of sorts from the helicopter crash injuries damaging his hearing. You interact with him via a notepad by approaching him and pressing E. This allows you to give him commands. While there is a command that says “Take Item” in the options, he doesn’t seem to require food.

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Kelvin will basically take care of eating and drinking by himself naturally when needed or when you do. If you go to a stream, you can often find him drinking along with you. In the same manner, he will most likely eat berries from the bushes while you are doing the same.

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Companion AI has a bit of a learning curve in Sons of the Forest. The technology is fairly new, and players are always experimenting with what they can do with Kelvin. There are still some kinks to work out during early access, however, as players have already discovered Kelvin can accidentally sabotage their constructions and can get stuck in the environment. The last thing the poor man needs is food when he’s lodged in a rock.

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