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Can you get the Korone DLC in Sonic Frontiers? Answered

If you're reading this, you are probably going to be disappointed.

V-tubers are increasingly growing in popularity worldwide. These content creators have software set up that their movements are captured and given to a virtual avatar while they stream, which has proven to be a very popular move for a section of stream watchers. So much, in fact, that one who goes by the name Korone has amassed a worldwide audience so big that she is included as DLC in Sonic Frontiers. While this is very exciting, can you actually get the DLC yourself?

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Is the Korone DLC in Sonic Frontiers available in the US and Europe?

Unfortunately, getting the Korone DLC in Sonic Frontiers is exclusive to only Japanese users who pre-ordered or bought the game within the first month for PlayStation or Nintendo Switch through certain outlets. It is highly unlikely that the in-game content will ever come to the western portions of the world. If you want to see the DLC content in action, you can go to about the 28-minute mark in the video below.

While the Korone DLC is not available for English-speaking countries, there is potential for it to become available through fan mods in the future on the PC versions of the game. Of course, that would come down to someone taking their free time to put all of that content into the game and let others download it.

We are unsure of the reasoning behind this content being locked away in Japan. There are big fans of the V-tuber in the United States, but maybe Sega did not feel like there were nearly enough to bring it over. When you compare that DLC to the return of the Sonic Adventure 2 Soap Shoes, there is a pretty big difference in people that recognize the references on both sides. Our best bit of advice is to hope that someone mods it in later.

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