Can you get the Touch of Malice in Destiny 2?

The return of the King.

Image via Bungie

The Touch of Malice is a Scout Rifle exotic from the original Destiny game. It does not appear in Destiny 2 and has not since the game launched. However, many players are now speculating with the arrival of the King’s Fall raid returning to Destiny 2, Bungie might go out of their way to add this weapon for Guardians to pick up. How they go about this remains to be determined, but it could be a thing. Here’s what we know about if the Touch of Malice will appear in Destiny 2.

Is the Touch of Malice coming to Destiny 2?

The Touch of Malice is now available in the Collections menu of Destiny 2. It appeared shortly after the King’s Fall raid became available. At this time, none of the players who were competing in the World’s Fast raid shared a image of them getting the exotic after completing the raid. Many players are curious if you get it from a quest, and everyone is waiting to see if Bungie is going to flip the switch and make it a quest, or if it’s going to be a random drop from completing the raid.

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Leading up to the Touch of Malice’s release to Destiny 2, the item was heavily leaked and hinted at from multiple sources. When Bungie came through and announced King’s Fall raid was coming to Destiny 2, many speculated it was going to happen and expected its arrival.

In addition to the speculation, a leaked exotic ornament of the Touch of Malice was shared leading up to the Season of Plunder. Many are keen to have their chance of finding this item and adding it to their exotic collection.