Can you have multiple save slots in Elden Ring — Answered

How many characters will you make?

Image via FromSoftware

Elden Ring’s world is vast and there is plenty to experience, see, and do, plus there are numerous classes to play and die as. You may find yourself playing a Hero for hours on end only to decide to switch to an Astrologer so you can cast a spell or two. All you have to do is start a new game but will doing so override previous saves? Here’s what happens when you start a new game in Elden Ring.

Selecting to start a new game from the menu screen will bring you to the character creator section. It can be a scary feeling to get this far without knowing if making a new character will delete an old save, but fear not. Creating a second, third, or even a fourth character will not delete any previously made character. Once you’re finished creating your character, you will enter the world and start a new save with that new character.

While you aren’t able to save the game yourself, it does save automatically, and each save is linked directly to the character you are playing. So that means you are free to create multiple characters with different builds, classes, and weapons. You can have up to 10 different save slots and characters so you can pick and choose who you play as.