Can you make a log sled in Sons of the Forest?

Can you still move a lot of logs at once?

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Sons of the Forest is filled with many tools and structures that you will eventually build to help make your survival on the island easier. One of the most useful tools in the original game was the log sled. This tool allowed you to carry a lot of logs all at one time to or from your camp. There is no denying that it was a necessary tool after it was crafted, but can you make a log sled in Sons of the Forest?

How to make a log sled in Sons of the Forest

As you make your way through Sons of the Forest, you will find various bunkers that you can access to not only learn a little bit more about the story but to gather items. You can use some of the items you gather to build structures using your guidebook. While it would be nice to have the log sled in the game just like you did in the original, it doesn’t appear to be in Sons of the Forest.

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When flipping through the guidebook, there is no reference to the log sled. Instead, you can make yourself a normal sled. The sled can be crafted using one of the 3D printers found in the bunkers around the island. Unfortunately, instead of allowing you to carry more logs, the sled simply allows you to slide down steep hills with ease – much like the Turtle shell from the original game. At least it is a lot of fun to use on the snowy mountaintops in the center of the island.

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To help you carry more logs, you can have access to Kelvin and Virginia. These companions can be told to gather materials like logs for you which may be why the developers removed the log sled from the game. Since Sons of the Forest is only in early access, you the developers may add the log sled in during an upcoming update. At least you have a pair of hands that can help gather the logs needed to build a house.