How to build a house in Sons of the Forest

Step one: shelter.

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Crafting is something you will be doing a lot of in Sons of the Forest and is necessary if you want to survive for more than a day or two. If you want to establish a base camp, there is no better way than by building a house. Thanks to the different building styles, you can craft a home in a free-form fashion or stick to one of the different plans. This guide will show you how to build a house in Sons of the Forest.

How to build a house using the free-form building in Sons of the Forest

The first method of building Sons of the Forest is a more free-form building method that allows you to place logs, stones, and sticks in various arrangements to craft a home however you want. There are various building recipes that you can unlock as you progress through the game but the basic home components like walls and floors are given to you right away.

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Pull up your guidebook by pressing the “B” key and make sure the book is in your right hand. If it is not, hold the “X” key to switch it. Here, you can see all of the building recipes that you have access to. To make a house, start by crafting a floor. To do this, you will need four logs. Pick up a log and place it on the ground using the left mouse key. Place a second log connected to the first one. You will see an arrow indicating how the logs will connect. Place four logs in a square to build the frame of a floor.

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With the frame built, collect more logs and chop them in half longways. This can be done by taking out your axe and pointing it at a log. You will see a red line appear going down the center of the log. Break the log in half and place it in the center of the floor frame to finish the floor. It takes five log halves to complete the floor.

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With a floor completed, go ahead and craft a few walls. Walls are made by stacking logs horizontally on top of a floor. It takes six logs to create a wall. When you finish a wall, you can use your axe to break various pieces out of it to create both doors and windows. Once you have enough walls, add more log halves on top to create a roof. You can use this basic method to expand your house and create a style that is unique to you.

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Later on, you can build stairs by adding diagonal logs connected to the walls that you have crafted. You can then use log halves to create the stairs leading to a second level of your home. Make sure to flip through the guidebook to see all of the different building recipes you have access to. You can finish your home with a lovely fire out front.

How to build a house using plans in Sons of the Forest

While you can create a house easily using various materials, it sometimes helps to have a plan in mind. When you want something done a little easier, pull out your guidebook with the “B” key and then hold down the “X” key to swap your guidebook over to your left hand. This will bring up all of the plans that you have access to for specific structure types.

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Select the plan you wish to use and you will see a basic drawing of it appear on your screen. Move the drawing around until you find the right place for it. Press the left mouse key to place the plan down. It will remain there until you remove it or finish the structure.

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Grab the materials needed for the structure and bring them over. Press the “E” key to interact with the plan and place the materials you have gathered. Each time you place some materials down, you will see the structure slowly get built. You can see the remaining materials required to finish the structure on the bottom left corner of the screen.