Can you play Far Cry 6 offline?

Does Far Cry 6 require a constant internet connection for single player?


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Far Cry 6 is a fun but imperfect game that encourages mayhem and destruction; it’s a perfect cooperative experience for that very reason. However, there are plenty of players who only want to play the game by themselves. Despite offering a single player campaign, some games use always-online DRM that requires constant internet in order to access no matter the content.

Always-online can be a huge annoyance to many players. It’s a frustrating limitation, especially for anyone with a spotty service provider who might suffer from frequent disconnections. Does Far Cry.6 follow the controversial design decision of a persistent internet connection?

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Thankfully, the answer is no; Far Cry 6 doesn’t require you to be connected online or logged into the Ubisoft Connect service in order to play it. That means if you’re without internet for whatever reason or simply don’t want to risk eating up any of your bandwidth, you’ll still be able to enjoy liberating Yara and taking on its fascist dictator.

It should be noted, however, this only applies to single player. If you’re looking to tackle Far Cry 6 with a buddy, you’ll need an internet connection. Local split-screen multiplayer isn’t an option regardless if you’re online or offline.