Can you play Metroid Prime Remastered with a GameCube controller?

Keeping it old-school.

Image via Nintendo

Playing Metroid Prime Remastered on the Nintendo Switch feels good but it’s lacking a certain element that only the GameCube could bring. Joy-Cons are alright, but using a GameCube controller is just better for some. It’s just how the game was originally meant to be played. When the game was released on Nintendo GameCube in 2002, the button layout was near flawless. But is it possible to play the remaster with a GameCube controller today? It’s a tricky process, but here’s how to do it.

Can you play Metroid Prime Remastered with a GameCube controller?

It was a surprise to see Metroid Prime Remastered announced for the Nintendo Switch. While welcomed, players who played the original may feel the remaster would be missing something. That something is a GameCube controller and perhaps the Fusion Suit. For those wishing to use such a device, you’re in luck as you can connect a GameCube controller to play Metroid Prime Remastered. All you need is the Gamecube Adapter for Nintendo Switch.

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How to connect a GameCube controller to Nintendo Switch to play Metroid Prime Remastered

Having the adapter is the only way to connect a GameCube controller to your Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, Nintendo doesn’t make them anymore so you’re going to need to already own the adapter to hook up the controller. That, or you’ll need to find one available through a third party or an old model.

Once you have the adapter, all you need to do is hook it up to the Nintendo Switch dock. Sad news for Nintendo Switch Lite owners, as the adapter requires a USB port to connect. After it is connected, you will need to configure a new button layout for the controller. Head to the Options screen in Metroid Prime Remastered and find the Controls section. In the settings, you’ll need to change the control setup to Classic. This will match the controllers pretty closely with the original GameCube layout. You may need to configure where specific abilities go to get it to your liking.