Can you play MultiVersus on Mac? Answered

While MultiVersus may be a multi-platform game, its platforms are still pretty limited.

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MultiVersus, Warner Brothers’ popular crossover fighting game, is currently available on Playstation, Xbox, and what developer Player First Games claims to be “PC.” The game being available on computers and prominently featured on Steam may give some hope to Mac-based gamers, whose gaming libraries are often limited by the low specifications and weak hardware that most Macs tout. Unfortunately for them, Multiverse may not cooperate with their Apple computers.

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Does Multiversus have Mac support?

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As with getting nearly any game to run, the key is to look at its minimum requirements. Most prominently, running MultiVersus requires the presence and power of a 64-bit operating system. The current publicly released version of macOS, Monterey, supports 64-bit instruction set and ARM architecture, so in theory, Mac should confidently tick this box. However, the developers specifically list Windows 10, implying that Windows is the intended way to play.

This intention becomes a running theme the further you look down its list of required hardware. Listed as required processors include Intel and AMD chips, with GTX and Radeon models dotting the graphics card section. Nowhere are Apple’s most advanced M2 systems-on-chip mentioned in this section, despite their processing power advertised as just narrowly falling short of Intel’s Lake-P series of i7 chips.

Though it would be easier to say that you can’t play MultiVersus on a Mac, there do exist workarounds to bypass these limitations. Fortunately, Apple ships a program known as Boot Camp that can ease the process of partitioning a hard disk with the goal of installing Windows operating system software. Included with fresh installs of modern macOS versions 10.5 Leopard or later, Boot Camp will allow you to run Windows 10 on a new Mac’s qualified hardware. But we don’t recommend using the “Boot Camp” method unless you know what you’re doing, especially if something goes wrong. For standard Mac users, MultiVersus will not be available in this standard format.