Can you play Sea of Thieves solo?

You’re the captain now.

Sea of Thieves is a game about taking to the high seas, and a crew of friends or strangers to help you operate a ship to roam around the game. There are three different ships in the game, and to handle them, you need to manage a station where you raise the sails, adjust their direction, have someone monitor the map, and someone directs the ship towards the crew’s goal. It takes all of these minor parts working at the same time to function correctly. But there is a smaller ship, a sloop, that some players can reliably manage by themselves. With Sea of Thieves entering Steam, it does have a single-player tag attached to it. Can you play the game by yourself?

You certainly can do so, but there’s a significant cost to going down this route. The primary intention is for four-players to work together to complete various tasks in Sea of Thieves. These tasks vary from looting other player’s pirate ships, exploring the region through Tall Tales, taking on skeleton forts, fighting behemoth sea creatures, and turning in loot to various NPC factions. You can do this with a crew of four players, three players, two players, or a single person who can do some of this. However, it’s tough for a single player to do a lot of the game.

A good majority of the skeleton forts and behemoth sea creatures require a full crew to take them on. You certainly don’t want to find yourself in a sloop, surrounded by a Kraken, or hear the encroaching sound effects of an angry Megalodon. These creatures won’t go down without a tough fight, and sometimes a full crew of four-players unprepared can do little to fight them.

A single person can jump into their sloop, explore the game, take part in smaller quests for the NPC factions and work their way up through the reputation ranks, and earn a decent chunk of gold. You wouldn’t be able to do it quickly by yourself, but you could do it. You’d have to be patient because when you die, no one could revive you, and enemy players could easily take your ship.

Regardless, Sea of Thieves is not a single-player game. It’s challenging to play it by yourself, but there are no rules or forced requirements making you form a crew. For those who don’t have any friends who actively play the game, random players can always join your crew, and you work with them to accomplish some pirate goals. You might make some friends along the way, turning a Sea of Thieves adventure into a weekly get-together.