Can you replay story missions in Halo Infinite?

The campaign looks to be a one-and-done ordeal, for now.

photo of master chief in halo infinite

Image via 343 Industries

The Halo games’ campaigns are rife with memorable missions that can be a lot of fun to go back and revisit. In previous games, you could select which mission you’d like to replay and go through it again at your leisure. Based on this precedent set by the preceding Halo games, one might expect Halo Infinite to offer a similar system to re-experience moments from its campaign. Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Story missions are not replayable in Halo Infinite, as reported by Polygon. In a statement to the outlet, a Microsoft representative confirmed that upon finishing the campaign, you’re free to explore Zeta Halo to finish up any outstanding side activities, such as FOBs, targets, and audio logs. However, you won’t be able to replay the game’s missions without starting a new game. This could pose an issue regarding missable collectibles found in certain missions, so be sure to give each campaign mission a thorough once-over if you’re on the hunt for any collectibles.

Halo Infinite is notably launching without many of the series’ hallmark features, including Forge mode and a cooperative campaign, but 343 has said each of those features will eventually be added via future patches. 343i recently confirmed that a mission replay feature is also in the works, so replaying the story will be an option in the future. “We haven’t announced a date but that is being worked on,” said the company in a statement to The Verge.