Can you romance Hanzo in Loverwatch?

Cupid needs a little love too.

Image via Blizzard

While Loverwatch is not the huge, expansive dating sim you likely dreamed of playing, it’s a nice little non-canon story to get you a little closer to some of the game’s heroes. Mercy and Genji are probably the two characters that people have shipped the most since the beginning, so it is not surprising that they get starring roles here. That being said, Hanzo appears as Cupid. Can you end up romancing Hanzo in Loverwatch?

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Can Cupid Hanzo be romanced in Loverwatch?

Technically, Hanzo can be romanced in Loverwatch, but it is not nearly as fleshed out as the Genji and Mercy runs. After you have earned the love of both of those characters, you can go to start a new game again, and Cupid Hanzo will begin talking to you in the realm of love, or Hanamura as we know it. This is the secret ending of the small game.

After finding love with the two other characters, you can sweet-talk him here, and he will gift you one of his arrows. You can then say that he was your true love all along. The credits will then roll and you will be back at the title screen and can redeem your rewards.

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While Hanzo plays a pretty big role as Cupid in this dating sim, the focus is heavily on Mercy and Genji here. The secret ending is just a little bit of a celebration that you were able to romance both characters successfully. You don’t even get unique art here like you do for the others. Hopefully, this proves to be a popular enough game that next year they decide to add more content to the game.