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How to get the secret ending in Loverwatch, the Overwatch dating sim

Give a nice kiss before your play of the game.

In the Overwatch 2 dating sim, Loverwatch, you can earn quite a few rewards for gaining the love of the characters within. That being said, you can earn yourself a nice little highlight intro for going through the process of seeing the secret ending. It is not that difficult, and with how small the game is, you can have this done within a half hour. Here is how to get the secret ending in Loverwatch, the Overwatch 2 dating sim.

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How to see the secret ending in the Overwatch 2 dating sim, Loverwatch

As stated above, the secret ending for Loverwatch is pretty easy to get. You don’t have to do anything special with the Overwatch 2 heroes included; you just need to select the right choices so that at the end of both story playthroughs, Mercy and Genji will offer you their love. When this happens, choose to accept their love. If you choose friendship or they offer friendship because you made the wrong choices, you will not be able to see the ending unless you do a new game.

After Mercy has taken you flying and Genji takes off his mask for you, you will get a new scene the moment you go to start a new game again. Cupid Hanzo will talk to you in Hanamura, where you can ask him about the presence of the other heroes and make meta comments about the existence of the game. After going through that, Hanzo will offer you an arrow, and you can tell him that he was your true love all along. After you do this, the credits will roll, and you will earn more rewards to redeem in the main menu, including the Cupid’s Kiss highlight intro.

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