Can you skip cutscenes in Genshin Impact?

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Genshin Impact

If you have been playing Genshin Impact, you may be wondering if there is a way to skip cutscenes. Perhaps you just don’t care much for story development and want to get down to the fine art of hacking a blob monster in half. Unfortunately, you cannot skip cutscenes in Genshin Impact, regardless of the platform that you play on.

Be it PC, PlayStation 4, or mobile, you will need to watch the various cutscenes that come your way. You can rapidly skip through dialogue options, but cutscenes will need to play out before you can move on in the game. This is a surprisingly divisive issue right now, with lots of players calling for a way to skip cutscenes.

It is unlikely to happen, if only because miYoHo seems to be using the unskippable cutscenes in the early game as a way to interrupt people’s attempts to reroll in the game. miYoHo doesn’t want people to abuse the gacha mechanic by rerolling the start of the game until they get a high tier card, so many people in the community feel that they are padding out those early moments of the game with unskippable cutscenes. We are not sure we agree with the argument, as the opening part of the game is actually pretty light on cutscenes.

A special note for people playing on mobile devices, if you need to tab out of the game during a cutscene for some reason, there is a chance that the cutscenes will just restart when you go back to it, rather than picking up where it left off, so not only can you not skip them, you might need to watch them again if you switch to another app while one is playing.