Can you still get the Omega skin in Fortnite?

Oh yeah, it’s mega.

Image via Epic Games

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Fortnite skins are easily one of the most recognizable cosmetics in the game and, alongside the usual dance or emote, are a big reason why the game stands out. That is why each Battle Pass’ skins are highly anticipated. One of the game’s more unique skins is the Omega skin, which debuted in Season Four. That being said, can you still get it?

Unfortunately for anyone who likes the look of the Omega skin in Fortnite, the skin is no longer available as it was connected to the Season Four battle pass. Additionally, because of its progression being directly tied to the battle pass as well, if you had unlocked parts of the outfit but not the whole thing, you can not complete it.

When the Season Four battle pass was active, players could unlock the chest plate, leg armor, arm armor, a helmet, and red, green, purple, and orange light accents to complete the look. With no access to that system in place, what you currently have is what you are stuck with.

While there is potential Fortnite could run some kind of event in the future to bring back the Omega skin, Epic Games likes to make the seasons feel exclusive. That being said, there have been rumors of a new version of the Omega skin coming at some point. As of this writing, though, there is no confirmation, and we do not know how that would affect the old skin.