Can you use the Turtle Shell in Sons of the Forest? Answered

Time to visit the coast.

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Survival is your top priority in Sons of the Forest. You need to use every resource you can find while exploring this island, and they are scattered all over the area, from the rocks on the ground to cutting down trees to make a sturdy base to hold your resources. While resources are your primary concern, so is keeping up with smaller details, such as your food and drink levels. A good way tool you can use to help access water is to use a Turtle Shell and make a rain collector. Here’s what you need to know about how to use the Turtle Shell in Sons of the Forest.

How to find the Turtle Shell in Sons of the Forest

The Turtle Shell will come from the back of a turtle, but not every Turtle in Sons of the Forest can provide one to you. You’ll need to track down the ones on the beach where they’re large enough to provide you with a helpful shell. You need to take out the turtle and then harvest the item from its back, which immediately goes into your inventory.

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Can the turtle shell be used in Sons of the Forest?

Although the Turtle Shell was not previously an item you could use, this has been changed with one of the updates that occurred after the Sons of the Forest early access launched. If you were struggling to use a turtle shell before the patch, we can now confirm that it works for all players, making it a far easier time for you to track down water, and you don’t have to settle close to a river to have it at the ready.

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