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What’s inside the graves in Sons of the Forest?

Get your hands on an extremely powerful weapon.

Not everyone on the island in Sons of the Forest is out to kill you. Thankfully, some of its residents are already dead and, ironically, they’ll be some of the most helpful people you’ll meet. Spread throughout the island are the grave and wooden coffins of those fortunate enough to reach the afterlife instead of being corrupted or mutated into the cannibals currently running amok on the island. The cannibals are only interested in the fresh meat (that’s you), leaving the graves of those fallen for you to discover and retrieve valuable items.

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What’s can you loot from graves in Sons of the Forest?

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Digging graves in Sons of the Forest will yield survival items such as rope, cloth, wire, and bones. The most notable item you can find in a buried grave is the powerful shotgun weapon, which is found in a specific buried grave along with one of three discoverable GPS locators. GPS locators are extremely helpful as they can be given to companions or mounted to mark specific locations on the island. In order to dig up any graves you discover in Sons of the Forest, you must first obtain the shovel tool.

Once you’ve gotten the shovel, you’ll be able to dig up any graves you discover on the island. There are multiple graves you can discover and loot, and you will sometimes find more than one at a single location. You can locate potential gravesites using your GPS, which will display important locations with a purple marker. As you head toward these markers, your GPS will start beeping to let you know when you’re close to the spot.

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When you’ve reached your destination, if you’ve ended up at a grave, you’ll find one or more wooden crosses marking the locations you’ll want to dig. A shovel icon will pop up when targeting the dirt on the spot, and you can interact with the grave by pressing E or clicking the left mouse button to dig at that location. Unfortunately, not all of the deceased received a proper burial, and sometimes you will come across wooden coffins on the surface that can also be destroyed and looted.

You’re going to want to get your hands on any helpful items you can to ensure you can survive on the island, so make sure to get the shovel and head out to these graves as soon as you’re able.

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