What are the purple markers in Sons of the Forest

Time to find Team B.

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Sons of the Forest allows you to use a map to help you navigate the island. While it does not give out the locations of everything, it is still pretty handy. When you play the game for the first time, you’ll notice three purple markers on the map far away from each other. In this guide, we are going to let you know what the purple markers are in Sons of the Forest.

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Sons of the Forest purple markers

The three purple markers are a part of the first story mission of Sons of the Forest. When you crashed into the forest, there was another set of soldiers with you; Team B. These purple markers are the locations of Team B’s members, and you need to visit each one to grab their items. The reason why you’re able to see their location is all three of them are wearing a GPS locator.

First marker

The first purple marker is close to the snow mountain. If you started the game in the snow region, you need to head there first. When you reach the location, you will find a member of Team B hanging from a rope. You need to go above the cliff and cut the rope. To do this, press the ‘I’ key to open your inventory. Then, select your knife and use it to cut the rope. When the body drops down, go to it and pick up the GPS locator and Flashlight.

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Second marker

The next purple marker is on the southeast section, and you must travel a long distance. Therefore, add some essential items in your inventory, such as cooked food, before heading there. We also recommend filling the Flask with water, so you don’t have to run down to a river if your character gets thirsty during the journey. Upon reaching the location, you will find a grave. It won’t be difficult to spot as it has a cross with a piece of cloth attached to it. You can dig this grave by using the Shovel to find the dead body of the second member of Team B. You can pick up another GPS locator, as well as the shotgun, from this body.

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Third marker

Finally, for the third purple marker, you need to head west. For this one, you will need to swim, as it is pointing towards a small orange floating raft. On this raft, you will find the dead body of the third member of Team B. Make sure to pick up the GPS locator from the corpse and the pistol from the raft. Also, be careful while swimming as there are sharks around the raft.

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