How to Get Latias in a Pokémon Go

You have the chance to catch Latias in Pokemon Go, and this guide shows you how to track it down to add it to your team.

Latias in Pokemon Go

Image via Niantic

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Latias is a legendary Pokemon that appears in Pokemon Go, and you have the chance to add it to your growing collection. The real trouble in finding Latias is knowing how to catch it, which all comes down to knowing where it spawns.

Unlike other Pokemon, Latias won’t appear out in the wild. Instead, you will need to battle against it to catch it, which might mean you may be working alongside other players to help take it down. Latias won’t always be available, though, which is the real trick for every Pokemon Go player. Here’s what you need to know about how to get Latias in Pokemon Go.

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Where to Find Latias in Pokemon Go

The only way to find Latias in Pokemon Go is by tracking it down in five-star raids, when it’s featured in Mega Latias raids, or you can get encounters as a Battle League reward. Outside of these instances, Latias will not appear in the wild, and you will need to wait to hear when Latias will be in the five-star raid rotation from the Pokemon Go Twitter or the official website.

Between Latias and Latios, Latios is considered to be the stronger Pokemon. Latios has higher stats and a superior moveset. However, Latias is still a strong choice, with a decent moveset that you can track down to add to your collection. Latias is also capable of unleashing its Mega form, but you will need to defeat it in Mega Latias raids, which also cycle out every few months.

If you’re trying to catch Latias, five-star raid encounters are likely a better option. These are easier battles than attempting to complete the Mega Latias ones, and you only need to rely on a handful of players to help you out. The Mega Latias raids are much more complex, forcing you to optimize your team, alongside your allies to ensure you can come out on top. Mega Raids are some of the toughest content you can complete in Pokemon Go, but both raids reward you with a Latias encounter, and you get Mega Latias energy from the Mega Raids.

After you add Latias to your group, feel free to use it in the Master League, in other five-star raids, or against Team Rock. Latias is a Dragon and Psychic-type Pokemon, making it an ideal choice to use in multiple battles for Pokemon Go.