All Legendary Weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile

Guns, guns, and more guns!

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Call of Duty: Mobile has dozens of weapons for you to try out. Some of these even have legendary variants and the even rarer mythic class (which we won’t discuss yet). Now, you might be wondering which ones you should go for whenever they become available. Well, here’s our guide to help you with all legendary weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile.

Call of Duty: Mobile – Legendary weapons — Acquisition, stats, and attachments

Players can acquire some legendary weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile by way of lucky pulls. This limited-time feature allows you to obtain certain items that follow a particular theme during the season. Beware, though, because this is a gacha mechanic. RNG applies and you might not even get what you want. Similarly, you might get bothered by the “fear of missing out” (FOMO) since some items are only available for a short duration. Furthermore, these pulls cost COD Points (CP), the game’s premium currency.

With the above information, does this mean you should try to grab all the legendary weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile? No, we definitely don’t recommend that due to exorbitant costs. Likewise, we advise you to choose the ones you’re going for carefully.

Remember, legendary weapons might look cool due to their aesthetics, but they’re still variants of existing weapons. If you don’t like using the AR 556, then you probably wouldn’t bother with the Durandal or Ripper skins. In the same vein, you’ll also need to take note of stat increases as legendary weapons have slightly better stats compared to the default versions. In a few cases, the looks of the attachments that they come with can also affect your gameplay (i.e., the scope or iron sights).

If you do obtain a legendary weapon, you can open the Arsenal menu to see your collection. In any case, the rest of our guide shows you the legendary weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile as of September 2021.

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Legendary submachine guns

Legendary assault rifles

Legendary sniper rifles and marksman rifles

Legendary handguns, shotguns, and light machine guns