COD Mobile: What is TAK-5 Operator Skill and how to unlock it

Recover your HP with TAK-5.

COD Mobile Season 9 - What is TAK-5 Operator Skill and how to unlock it

Image via Activision

COD Mobile Season 9 – Nightmare has brought a ton of Halloween-themed content to the game, including new maps, modes, seasonal events, weapons, and more. In addition to this, Activision will also be bringing a brand new Operator Skill called TAK-5 (Triage Activation Kit), which was first seen in Black Ops 4 as a Specialist Weapon.

When a player uses the TAK-5 operator skill, the in-game character takes a pod in their hands and adds a flat 50 HP bonus to players. However, it is worth noting that automatic HP recovery will not be available while using this operator skill. If you are also looking forward to equipping it while going into the battle, here’s how you can get it.

How to get the TAK-5 Operator Skill

TAK-5 will be a free reward in COD Mobile Season 9 Battle Pass, which means you don’t need to buy the Battle Pass to unlock this Operator Skill. All you have to do is earn Battle Pass XP in the game by playing matches, completing various missions and challenges to level up.

Once you reach Tier 14, you will get the TAK-5 operator that you can equip to gain an extra advantage over the enemies by healing all of your teammates. However, it is suggested to ask your teammates for cover when you are using it as you might get attacked due to the time taken to complete the animation.

COD Mobile Season 9 Battle Pass will also add several premium rewards, including Swordfish functional weapon, Striker – Covenant, Charm – Cymbalism, and more. Players can buy Battle Pass for 220 CP if they want to earn the premium rewards.