Coral Island June 2023 Developer Update: Full Patch Notes

Developer Stairway Games has outlined new details for Coral Island’s Merfolk update, including the final marigeable NPC lineup.


Screenshot via Stairway Games

Developer Stairway Games has released the second part in a series of blog posts detailing the huge changes coming to Coral Island in the upcoming Merfolk & Fall Update. This update should be released in August 2023 and will add loads of new content for players to work through, as well as fix bugs and introduce quality-of-life changes.

This guide covers everything outlined in the June 2023 Developer Update for Coral Island, so it’s easy for fans to digest.


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Coral Island June 2023 Developer Update Adds Merfolk, Dateable Characters, Ranching, & Steam Deck Support

Below, we’ve delved into each aspect of the June 2023 Developer Update for Coral Island and have broken them down into manageable chunks. Players interested in a particular aspect of the game, such as marriageable characters or Merfolk, can scroll through and find exactly what they want to know.

Merfolk Characters

Image via Stairway Games

Merfolk have been officially revealed for Coral Island, and they’ll be added to the game when the full update launches in Fall 2023. Stairway Games has detailed three Merfolk characters in the image above. From left to right, they are Semeru, the Guard Leader, Denali, the Steadfast Gatekeeper, and Princess Miranjani. All of these characters will be datable, adding to the sizeable roster players can already start a relationship with.

Full & Final Dateable Character Lineup for Coral Island

Screenshot via Stairway Games

With this Developer Update post, Coral Island’s final lineup of dateable characters has been confirmed. Once the Merfolk & Fall Update arrives, there will be 28 dateable characters in the game for players to swoon and start a life with. However, the developer does add that Merfolk romance will arrive in a post-1.0 update, so players might have to wait a while before they can date any sea-dwellers.

Spooky Festival

Screenshot via Stairway Games

A new event called Spooky Festival will arrive on Fall 28 in Starlet Town. During the event, players can take part in fun carnival games such as Ring Toss and Bonk the Skeleton. There’s even a parade and treasure hunt, giving players plenty to do for the short time the festival is in town.

Ranching Equipment Development

Screenshot via Stairway Games

The Lab is a feature that will allow players to develop a range of ranching equipment that’s going to make their lives a lot easier. Any player wanting to optimize their farming techniques is going to need to take note if they want to be the best farmer possible. Among the equipment for players to develop at The Lab is the Auto Petter, which will automatically pet animals in the coop it’s placed in for maximum happiness, the Auto Feeder, which dumps food for animals at meal times, the Auto Collector, a tool that automates the collection of animal products in a coop or barn, and the Temperature Machine, which ensures animals stay at their favorite temperature all year round.

New Ranch Animal: Llamas

Screenshot via Stairway Games

Stairway Games promises that Llamas will be the last new ranch animal being added to Coral Island. Llamas will be kept in a barn and can produce Llama Wool. The creatures are sold in pairs because they are social animals, so players will need to ready themselves if they want to master this breed.

Architect’s Desk

Screenshot via Stairway Games

The Architect’s Desk is a new item in Coral Island that allows players to completely customize their farm’s tiles from a top-down view. Any object can be moved to create the most aesthetically-pleasing farm possible. However, moving objects will cost players, so they’ll need to ensure they have enough resources to pay for all their tidying up.

Steam Deck Verification

Screenshot via Stairway Games

With this Developer Update, Coral Island is now verified for Steam Deck. This means it appears in Steam with a green checkmark and is optimized for the device to avoid any issues with overheating or underperformance.

Charity DLC

Image via Stairway Games

A charity DLC for Coral Island will launch on July 11, 2023. 100% of the profits from sales of the DLC will be donated to Coral Guardian. This charity works to protect and restore coral ecosystems worldwide, quite in keeping with Coral Island’s vibe and values.

Backer Updates

In July, Coral Island backers will receive an email about creating their Founder Statue. They will also be contacted about finalizing the name they would like in the game’s credits.