Days Gone Has A Secret Ending, Here Is How To Get It

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Days Gone has a roughly 30-hour campaign, but it also has a trick up its sleeve when it is all over. This guide is going to be as spoiler free as I can make it, but if you want to avoid even the smallest spoilers you should come back after you have seen the credits roll on the game, you will still be able to experience this secret ending.

Days Gone Secret Ending

This is your last chance to turn away before the spoilers start to roll! Still here? Okay then. At the end of the game when you finish the final fight and watch the credits roll, you will be back in the game world. You can ride around, finish up missions and tasks that you never got around to, and generally just live the outlaw survivor life.

After you spend a while in the world, a NERO scientist by the name of O’Brian will get in touch, and ask you to meet up with him. Once you get the call, a mission called “There’s Nothing You Can Do” will be available, and it starts at the Old Pioneer Cemetery. Head to the cemetery and speak with O’Brian, then sit back and watch the secret ending unfold.

No spoilers, but it is quite the twist in the tale.

Now you will have access to the crafting recipe for a secret weapon that uses all the IPCA tech you have been collecting throughout the game and a custom NERO skin for your bike. And that’s it! Now you know the Days Gone secret ending, you are left to ponder all kinds of things!