Days Gone Survival Mode | Everything We Know

Days Gone hit the market last week, and many have gotten their hands on the PlayStation exclusive. There’s plenty to do in the open-world game, from destroying infestation nests to battling hordes of zombies. However, players may feel like they want to make the game even harder, and more immersive to the zombie apocalypse experience. One of the ways they’re going to do this is by introducing a Survival Mode, set to release later in June as a free DLC. They’ve revealed a few details about the experience, but have not said everything.

Days Gone Survival Mode

How Does It Work?

The survival mode is going to be a step above the already hardest difficulty setting in Days Gone. Not only are the zombies going to be more robust, but the resources are going to be more challenging to find, and players may find themselves lacking as many supplies as they could acquire in other difficulty modes.

Additionally, useful tools and settings are getting removed from the game. Players will not be able to use the Fast Travel ability to get around the map quickly or have access to Deacon’s Survival Vision. Players will want to have played the game on a lower difficulty before attempting it on this difficulty, as the survival mode also removes the game’s HUD.

Losing these fundamental mechanics mean players are going to have issues being as dominant against the horde of zombies and dangerous humans than they previously were.

When Does It Release?

So far, the survival mode is set to release in June of this year. Other than the month, the Days Gone developers have not shared much else information about the DLC’s release date. Alongside the survival mode, players are going to have access to weekly challenges they need to complete, such as doing certain activities in combat, against the horde, or with Deacon’s motorcycle. Completing these challenges each week unlock new appearance items players can wear during their playthroughs, or show off in the game’s photo mode.

We’ll post when we have an official release date for Days Gone’s survival mode, but for now, expect it right as the summer kicks off this year.

How Do You Get It?

When the DLC for survival mode releases, it’ll be free for every Days Gone owner. All you need to do is ensure you have an internet connection, download it, and you should be able to start playing it immediately, upon release. You do not need to use any premium currency or to buy it from the PSN store.

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