Days Gone: How To Sleep

Night time in Days Gone can get pretty dangerous. With Freakers on the prowl, it can sometimes be the better option just to find a safe place to sleep. You can’t just curl up at the side of the road, however. You’ll need to find somewhere safe to lay your head.

How To Sleep In Days Gone

Days Gone Sleep

While the world of Days Gone is a dangerous place, there are safe spots dotted around where you can lay your weary head. Safe places such as bunkers and safe houses can contain beds for you to sleep in. When you find a bed, you just need to hit the Square button, and this will automatically send you into a nice sleep.

The main reason you might want to sleep is that at night time hordes of Freakers will be on the prowl, looking for people to chew on. When you are just starting the game, you are not exactly best equipped to deal with this menace, so getting a good nights sleep can be a much better option than literally risking your skin.

An important thing to keep in mind about sleeping is that it doesn’t heal you. These are not magic beds that stitch our wounds while we slumber. If you go to bed with missing health, it will still be missing when you wake up, so be sure to heal yourself up before getting in any further fights.

It’s always a good idea to keep in mind where you are in relation to the nearest safe house as the day starts to draw to a close, and don’t forget to scout around as you travel, as this way you will find new safe spots to rest in.