Days Gone: Pioneer Cemetary Infestations Locations

At some point early in Days Gone you will need to head for the Pioneer Cemetery. You will be chasing Leon’s drug stash, but the bad news for you is that there are Freaker infestation nests in the area. In this guide, we show you where to find the Pioneer Cemetery Infestations so that you can burn them out for good.

Now, ignore all the stuff in the screenshots about the Logging Camp, I was down there for another mission when I decided to come back here and get my screenshots, and just forgot to click off the mission on the map.

Pioneer Cemetary Infestations Locations

Infestation #1

Location One Map

Loacation One

You will find the first of the Pioneer Cemetary Infestations on the road as you drive towards the cemetery. Keep an eye open on the left side of the road, and an icon for it should pop up on the map as you get close.

Location #2

Location Two Map

Location Two

You can find the second Pioneer Cemetary Infestation in the cemetery itself. Be careful on the way in, as there will be a few Freakers hanging around the place. Just go slow and take them out as you go.

Location #3

Location Three Map

Location Three

The third location is an odd one. If you are here for the Leon missions, you end up there anyway. Just ignore the Infestation while you are on the mission, you don’t need to bring any extra attention your way. Just wrap up the mission, then take care of the nest.

To burn the Pioneer Cemetery Infections or any infections for that matter, I like to hide in the brush and then throw a Molotov. I then pick off the Freakers using stealth after they all run out, then move on to the next one. It is the safest way to to do it; you don’t need a Freaker from an older nest sneaking up on you.