Days Gone: Pre-order Bonuses Guide

The end of the world is almost here. If you are looking forward to playing Days Gone then you are not alone. If you are thinking about pre-ordering the game to take advantage of those pre-order bonuses, then this guide should help you decide which version of the game to pick up.

Days Gone Pre-order Bonuses

Days Gone Pre-order bonuses

The pre-order bonuses for Days Gone that you can get from any retailer are detailed below;

  • Drifter Crossbow early unlock
  • Nitrous Upgrade #1
  • Gast Tank Upgrade #1
  • Shroud Upgrade #1

If you pre-order directly from the PlayStation Store you will also receive a free Days Gone Sawmill Dynamic theme for the PlayStation 4. The standard edition of the game will come with these pre-order bonuses and a copy of the base game. The Standard Edition costs $59.99.

Days Gone Digital Deluxe Edition

If you pre-order the Digital Deluxe Edition you will get the base game, the relevant pre-order bonuses as listed above, and also the following;

  • Days Gone Digital Mini-art Book
  • Days Gone Digital Soundtrack
  • Deacon Vs. The Horde Dynamic Theme
  • The Money Wrench Skill early unlock
  • 3 Skins for your bike

The Digital Deluxe Edition costs $69.99.

Days Gone Collector’s Edition

The Days Gone Collector’s Edition comes with the following extras, and of course, you get the pre-order bonuses if you pre-order this edition of the game.

  • Days Gone Statue
  • 6 Days Gone Collector’s Edition Pins
  • Steelbook Case
  • Physical AND Digital Mini-Art Book
  • Days Gone Sew-on Patch
  • Physical AND Digital Edition Soundtrack
  • 4 Decals
  • Deacon Vs. The Horde Dynamic Theme
  • Monkey Wrench Skill early unlock
  • 3 Bike Skins

The Days Gone Collector’s Edition can be purchased from retail stores, or order online, for $139.99.