Days Gone – Where To Find Suppressors And How To Equip Them

There can be a lot of sneaking around in Days Gone. Ambush Camps and Freakers are often best approached silently, but sometimes somebody will get the drop on you. A suppressor can be a literal life saver as it will let you take out the problem without making much noise. In this guide, we will show you how to get your hands on Suppressors.

You can get suppressors for Primary, Secondary and Special Weapons. Some weapons cannot use a suppressor at all, such as shotguns. Suppressors also wear down, just like your weapons, from use. Keep this in mind, as you don’t want it to break when you need it. Keep an eye on the durability, and make sure you have another in your inventory in case you need it.

How To Get A Suppressor

Oddly enough, you can find suppressors if you search the engines of cars. I don’t know enough about guns or engines, to explain the logic behind this particular aspect of Days Gone, but at the end of the day, the rules of the game are all that matters. More often than not, searching a car engine will get you some Scrap, but sometimes it will also net you a suppressor.

You can also purchase suppressors from merchants in camps. You might need to hit a certain Trust level with them before you can purchase one, but they are also pretty cheap to get.

How To Attach A Suppressor

To put a suppressor on your weapon, hold the L1 button to bring up the weapon wheel. Rotate to the weapon you want to equip the suppressor to and then press R1 to attach it. They can be removed the same way if you’re going to save it for later.