DDV: How to Complete Book Hunt in Disney Dreamlight Valley

It’s time to help our favorite bookworm princess get some books with Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Book Hunt.

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It’s time to make Belle feel comfortable in our DDV Valley by completing her Book Hunt Friendship Quest. We promised Belle Our Valley would be everything she hoped for and more, but it turns out she can’t even borrow a book from Merlin’s local library. Just like in the film, Belle is an avid reader. Nothing will make her feel more at home than being able to nosedive into a book and step into another world.

Unfortunately, it seems the Valley’s residents have neglected the library’s rules, resulting in Merlin suspending all book borrowing. To make things right for Belle and give her a warm welcome, it’s time to get those missing books back to their original place in Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Book Hunt.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: All Missing Book Locations in Book Hunt

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Though Goofy will just provide the missing book into your hands, the rest of the characters have completely lost track of where they kept the book. Though I’d love to spend the next hour scolding them for being such untidy residents, I’ve got a princess to rescue. Here’s where to find every missing book in DDV’s Book Hunt.

AppearanceBook OwnerMissing Book Location
Goofy’s Bear in MindGiven by Goofy after having a word with him.
Mirabel’s Crafty CreaturesFound in front of a bench near the Plaza’s well.
Remy’s Extraordinary RatventuresFished on the Dazzle Beach near Goofy’s Stall.
Scrooge Mc Duck’s Coin Pool TheoryDug from Dazzle Beach. To find this missing book, turn back from Goofy’s Stall and head straight toward the Peaceful Meadow.

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With all the missing books in hand, head back to Belle and listen to her conversation with Merlin. Belle will be named an honorary Librarian in the Valley, which suits her perfectly.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: All Book Placement Correct Answers in Book Hunt

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Bella’s first task as a Librarian is to tidy up the place, and she’s got just the perfect assistant for the job: you. Still, it’s not always easy to know where the untidy books belong to.

Belle’s BookCorrect Shelf
Crafty CreaturesWandless Arts and Crafts
Coin Pool TheoryMonetary Physics and Swim Strokes
Cursed Negotiations: Making Better Devious DealsMagical Contract Law