Disney Dreamlight Valley Enchanted Adventure Update Release Date & Patch Notes

Quit plucking that rose’s petals — the Disney Dreamlight Valley September Update is here.

DDV Enchanted Update Patch Notes

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Disney Dreamlight Valley has a new update in store for September, complete with patch notes and an official release date. While last June saw the introduction of DreamSnaps, the game was lacking in fresh characters and realms. But now, DDV’s next update is bursting with musical furniture, a duo of new characters, and a selection of premium items — all neatly bundled with the addition of a brand-new realm.

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Enchanted Adventure Update Release Date

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DDV has been teasing its upcoming content via social media for the longest time without specifying the release date. Pictures of Belle reading, Ursula’s Dream Bundle, and even cover art flooded the Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Twitter feed. Finally, the team lifted the veil to reveal when DDV’s Enchanted Adventure Update would be released: September 13, 2023.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Enchanted Adventure Patch Notes

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DDV September Update New Characters, Realms, Bundles, and Star Path

  • The enchanting Beauty and the Beast Realm will open a new door for exploration.
  • Belle and Beast will arrive in the Valley, introducing two new characters and brand new Friendship Quests and items.
  • The Premium Shop will offer the optional Ursula’s Transformation Dream Bundle.
  • The update will include the new Haunted Holiday Star Path, which includes various costumes and décor to help you prepare your Valley for the Halloween season.
  • The update will bring a series of quests to help The Forgotten settle into the Valley.
  • The Premium Shop will introduce more optional items for a limited time that are bound to match your seasonal vibe.
  • Weekly DreamSnaps challenges help you get in the festive spirit and showcase your costuming creativity.
  • The in-game candy event from last will return from October 24 to November 1. This event provides rewards by completing seasonal Dreamlight Duties
  • Crafting fences and paths will yield more units of the crafted item, increasing your crafting productivity.
  • Items previously exclusive to pouches will be found in Scrooge McDuck’s Store.

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DDV September Update Bug Fixes

  • Enhanced memory optimization has been implemented to enhance stability.
  • A range of enhancements has been made to bolster the stability and performance of DreamSnaps.
  • In the “Sprouting a Story” quest, we resolved an issue where the storybook page in Mother Gothel’s house couldn’t be accessed.
  • The “What’s Left Behind” quest no longer presents the issue of players being unable to communicate with The Forgotten.
  • The issue where Scar’s Lure would vanish for certain players in the “Boss Up” quest has been rectified.
  • The problem that prevented some players from obtaining the cash register key required for progress in the “Meddling Mirabel” quest has been fixed.
  • The “Eyes in the Dark” quest now correctly displays the bridge lowering across the river and the accompanying cutscene.
  • Following the exit from the Wardrobe menu, The Forgotten will adjust their appearance to match the player’s avatar.
  • New animations and visual effects have been introduced for The Forgotten.
  • Numerous fixes have been applied to user interface and localization issues.
  • Several adjustments have been made to resolve visual and auditory issues.
  • Additional bug fixes and optimizations have been included for various aspects of the game.