Dead by Daylight: How to Use Blood Fury as The Oni

The Oni’s power allows it to enter into Blood Fury and decimate Survivors in Dead by Daylight, but it’s a complex mechanic to learn.


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Dead by Daylight throws loads of challenges at players each time a new Rift opens, in addition to the wealth of tasks the daily challenges offer. Some of these are simple, but others take some thought and skill to complete. The most complicated challenges are generally linked to the hardest Killers to play as. Their mechanics make for challenging tasks to complete, and often, they seem impossible because most players veer away from these Killers anyway.

The Oni in Dead by Daylight is one of the tougher Killers to play as, but he can become an absolute menace once he gets his ability power, Blood Fury. But you’ll need to have a few basic attacks on survivors before you can start to cause some chaos. Here is what you need to know about using Blood Fury in Dead By Daylight.

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How to Use Blood Fury as The Oni in Dead by Daylight

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To use Blood Fury as the Oni in Dead by Daylight, players need to hop into the role of this Killer and hunt down some Survivors. Each time they hit a Survivor, they spawn Blood Orbs. They’ll keep doing this while injured until they’ve been healed. It’s a great way to track them down if they’re hiding.

Players need to absorb the Blood Orbs they see to help charge their Yamaoka’s Wrath meter. This meter will fill over time, but absorbing Blood Orbs charges it faster. Once it’s full, players can trigger Blood Fury.

When Blood Fury is active, players will move faster and have access to two new attacks. Demon Dash is a charged attack that causes The Oni to sprint after Survivors. It’s hard to steer, though, so use it sparingly. The other ability is Demon Strike, a more powerful basic attack with a slightly longer range than The Oni’s standard sword.

Whilst using Blood Fury, players can charge after Survivors and score more hits. We’ve found that it’s best to spend time injuring Survivors as The Oni and only down and hook them once Blood Fury can be triggered. The state will pause if players pick up a Survivor, allowing them to save all the charges they have left.

Add-Ons That Help Players Use Blood Fury as the Oni

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If players want to make the most of Blood Fury in Dead by Daylight while playing as The Oni, there are two Add-Ons they should equip. The first is Chipped Saihai, which increases Blood Fury’s duration for a few seconds. The second is Polished Maedate, which increases the passive charge rate of Yamaoka’s Wrath.

Both of these help push players into Blood Fury much faster and prolong it enough to help complete any challenges on the cards. Even without any challenges to complete, making the most of Blood Fury is the best way to play as The Oni and should make building skill in playing as this Killer easier.

How to Complete Challenges Using Blood Fury as The Oni in Dead by Daylight

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Dead by Daylight regularly throws challenges at players, either with daily challenges or ones that are part of the current Rift, as we’ve seen in Tome 17: Commitment. These challenges usually require players to spend a specific amount of time with Blood Fury being active or hit a number of Survivors using it.

For any challenge involving Blood Fury as The Oni, we recommend using the Perks we’ve outlined above to make it last as long as possible and charge quicker so there are more opportunities to trigger it. This will mean players can try to hit Survivors while using it more or just rack up time with it in fewer Trials.