Dead by Daylight January 2022 update info – wiggles, improving solo survivor, and more

Dead by Daylight starts the year with a scary amount of new information.

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Behaviour Interactive released the first Developer Update for Dead by Daylight in 2022. The first major point revealed in the Developer Update is the plan to optimize patch load times. Even though patches generally only need to update certain “chunks” of the game, Dead by Daylight has become so big it has made downloading times longer.

To fix this, the developers plan to compress the files, which will make downloads faster and decrease the amount of disk space the game takes up. The patch optimization plans will be part of a later update and will require players to completely re-download the game.

Another future update is the optimization of Skill Based Matchmaking. Because of an influx of new players, a lot of the first-time players are playing the game with others that are more skilled than them. To fix that, the plan is to lower the default rating for every new player so they would be more likely to play with other newcomers.

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Screenshot by Gamepur

When a player leaves a lobby, the game will instantly try to find a replacement. However, the game often doesn’t get a player with the same skill range as the rest of the lobby. The developers plan to fix that in a future update. The developers also intend to introduce a new mechanic that will adjust the ratings for players who have had extended breaks.

The gap in survival rates between solo survivors and a premade group is much higher than the developers want, so the developers want to fix that in a future update. How to fix it is still in very early development, with the developers claiming they are still openly discussing it and are looking for feedback.

One potential way to improve the solo survivor experience is to have a status icon next to each Survivor’s portrait in the HUD that will let players know what the other survivors are doing. That way a solo survivor can base their decision around what the others are doing.

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Screenshot by Gamepur via Dead By Daylight YouTube

The game will include a new Betas tab, which will be accessed in the Settings menu. In the Betas tab, players can see upcoming features for the game and can opt-in or out as they please. Unlike the previous improvements, the Betas tab will be part of the Mid-Chapter update rather than in a “Future Update.”

Also part of the Mid-Chapter update are improvements for both Wiggle and Toggle. Wiggle will now use the skill checks option rather than button mashing, lessening the burden of players’ fingers and keys. Players can opt-out of this new Wiggle mechanic with the Betas tab.

Players can also enable a new option for the Toggle mode in the settings menu that will no longer force them to hold onto a button for a long period. Instead, players will simply need to press the button at the start of the interaction, and then press it again to stop it. Players can also cancel any interactions by sprinting, which automatically allows you to sprint as soon as you cancel.