Dead by Daylight: The Best Singularity Build

The Singularity is a hard Killer to master in Dead by Daylight, but with this build, players become a deadly hunter in their next Trial.


Screenshot by Gamepur

The Singularity is a Killer added to Dead by Daylight with the End Transmission Chapter. It’s a horrific amalgamation of organic matter and machinery, powered by AI and designed to work in hazardous environments.

It’s a brutal hunter that can fire Biopods to track and hunt Survivors, but it’s not the easiest character to master. This guide outlines what the best build for The Singularity is in Dead by Daylight, so anyone can hop in and master this brutal bio-organic mess.

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The Best Build for The Singularity in Dead by Daylight

We playtested many combinations of perks and add-ons for this Killer, and have crafted the best build for The Singularity in Dead by Daylight. See all the perks and add-ons required for this build in the table below.

Perk/Add-OnEffectHow to Use
Perk: Forced Hesitation
When a Survivor is put into the dying state by any means, all Survivors within a certain radius around them suffer from the Hindered status for a period of time, which reduces their movement speed. Having this perk equipped will allow players to slow any nearby Survivors that might have been working with a target. It’ll make it harder for them to help their allies when trying to stun or distract The Singularity.
Perk: Genetic Limits
Survivors suffer from the Exhausted Status for a period of time after completing the healing action.This passive perk will slow and hinder Survivors around the map regardless of what The Singularity is doing. It means that even just wounding Survivors will have a bigger impact than Survivors might be used to.
Perk: Machine Learning
This perk activates when The Singularity damages a generator. While active, the perk highlights the last generator the Killer has damaged and gives it the Compromised Status. When Survivors repair that generator, the Killer gains Haste and the Undetectable Status for a short period. With this perk equipped, damaging generators becomes essential. Pushing Survivors to think they need to repair as quickly as possible will force them to make mistakes, giving The Singularity an advantage.
Perk: Thwack!
Hooking a Survivor activates this perk. When active, the next pallet or breakable wall the Killer breaks makes nearby Survivors scream and reveals their aura. This perk will only remain active for a short period.This is another passive perk that makes The Singularity all the more terrifying. Chasing Survivors after they’ve been rescued or hooked will result in revealing any others nearby. It makes hunting other Survivors that don’t expect it much easier.
Add-On: Denied Requisition Form
EMPs take 30 seconds longer to spawn at the start of a Trial, and all Survivors start the Trial Slipstreamed. EMPs are the only item that removes Biopods, so Survivors will be stuck for longer with this Add-On. The Slipstreamed Status is what Biopods can put Survivors in after locking onto them, which will then allow The Singularity to warp to that Survivor. By having Survivors begin the Trial in this state, it makes hunting them as they repair generators much faster.
Add-On: Crew Manifest
When a Survivor is Slipstreamed by a Biopod or Survivor, The Singularity can see their aura for a short period. The infection range of Slipstream is increased by 2 meters. Enhancing the infection range of Slipstreeam is always a bonus, but it’s the revelation of auras that works to The Singularity’s advantage here. This will make locating Survivors faster and easier and open up the Trial for more kills and Hooks.

How to Play as The Singularity in Dead by Daylight

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Singularity is a hard Killer to play as, but it can be mastered if players learn where its strengths lie. The key to playing as The Singularity is making the most of its Biopods, teleportation, and Overclock Mode.

Biopods can only be attached to vertical surfaces, but much like The Skull Merchant‘s drones, these are best placed near generators. We found that shooting them onto trees or the surfaces near generators allowed us to activate them and monitor all the Survivors wanting to start repairs.

Screenshot by Gamepur

With Biopods on every generator, it’s easy to switch between them and watch for Survivors. The radius around the Biopod camera will fill out as the Biopod shoots a Survivor and applies the Slipstreamed Status. Then, if it charges up again, it will cause The Singularity to teleport to that Survivor. We found that teleporting to a Survivor almost always results in an easy hit.

Survivors don’t expect it and can’t do anything to counter it, so they simply eat that first hit. Teleporting also activates Overclock Mode, which means any pallets Survivors drop will be destroyed and only slow the Killer. This makes chases far more viable providing The Singularity teleported to the Survivor.

Screenshot by Gamepur

We quickly realized that it’s only worth chasing a Survivor if The Singularity has teleported to them. While getting a hit in now and then is fine, a better use of the Killer’s time is watching on Biopods for more victims. Placing more near the exits is a great way to trap Survivors when they think they’re about to win, and makes life very difficult for them.

Keep all this in mind and simply play using The Singularity’s abilities. There’s no need to do anything other than hunt and hook Survivors. All the perks and add-ons we’ve listed in the build above benefit from this style of play, and will make The Singularity a powerful force to be reckoned with.