Destiny 2 – Banshee 44 Location – How To Find Banshee 44

Pinnacle Gear in Destiny 2

The Gunsmith, Banshee-44, is someone you should get to know in Destiny 2. If you recently started playing the game, he is a beneficial character who provides weapons, mods, and the occasional Exotic Quest. In this guide, we will show you Banshee 44’s location.

Destiny 2 – Banshee 44 Location – How To Find Banshee 44

Banshee 44 Map

Banshee-44 is in the Tower, almost directly after you spawn into it. Just turn a little to the right and run forward, and you will discover Banshee 44 behind his stall, ready to sell you Engrams and Mods.

At Banshee-44’s stall, you can pick up Weekly and Daily Gunsmith bounties. These reward you with valuable resources when you complete them. You can also hand in weapon parts for Engrams, which will drop different weapons. Banshee-44 can give you access to great weapons like the Antiope-D and the Black Scorpion, so feel free to farm these Engrams until you get your hands on these great weapons.

You can use Mod Components to purchase Mods, and trade in resources to get Upgrade Modules, Enhancement Prisms, and Ascendant Shards.

You may also be looking for Banshee-44’s location as part of the new Exotic Quest in the game, for the new Exotic Bow. Once you arrive at Banshee, he will give you the quest. Then you will need to find his Workshop. If you need help with this, we have a useful guide that will show you how to get there. We also have a full quest guide that will show you each step you need to complete to get the new Leviathan’s Breath.