Destiny 2 – Bergusia Forge Drones Locations

Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s Izanagi’s Burden quest is pretty long and involves some time spent in the forge. For one-step, you will need to get the Bergusia Forge to maximum temper, but to do this, you will need to know the forge drones locations. In this guide, we will show you where they are, and give you some tips to survive this forge.

Destiny 2 – Bergusia Forge Drones Locations

The Bergusia Forge drones will spawn between the first and second rounds, and you should have plenty of time to take them both out before the flood of enemies demands your attention.

Bergusia Forge Drone Right Side

From the main entrance to the forge, the first drone will spawn behind a red pipe on the right side of the forge, up around the main room the is set back a little from the open area.

Bergusia Forge Drone Left

The second drone will spawn on the left side, towards the back of the forge, near the stairs, and the broken pillar.

Now that you know where both Bergusia Forge drones spawn, you can take them out very quickly. The Riskrunner is a great option for this Forge, due to all the Arc damage that enemies do. This will keep your Riskrunner from needing to reload, and you will do massive amounts of group damage thanks to the chaining Arc damage between enemies.

You should also bring a Sniper Rifle, as it will allow you to put plenty of damage into the Fallen Walker boss at the end of the Forge. Once you finish this Forge at maximum temper, you will be one step closer to your Izanagi’s Burden.