How To Win Escalation Mode Of Warmind DLC – Destiny 2

Destiny 2

In Warmind expansion of Destiny 2 has a wave-based horde mode called as Escalation Protocol other than the story missions and events. Escalation Protocol is a challenging activity, you can play it in the Hellas Basin region of Marsh. You can start it by interacting with a node that will appear randomly. A team is required to play this mode, and there are chances that you can add upto 9 players to the event. Similar to Public Event where you need a fireteam, Escalation mode is a team-based game.

Destiny 2 Escalation Mode Tips

Tips To Win Escalation Mode

Anyone can participate in Escalation Mode, but first, you will have to finish the Warmind campaign missions. Once you are done with the main story you will have to head to mars and search for red metal panel glowing doors. You can also use your Ghost to locate them. Just interact with it and you can enter the event. To begin you will need a three-player fireteam to play. You can play with random players.

How To Defeat Escalation Mode

1). Escalation Mode is a 7 waves game, each Level has around 4 waves. In the first three you will face regular enemies and in the last 4th wave you will be fighting with the boss. As you finish levels the new one will get tougher than previous ones. So you have to be prepared for tougher competition after each wave.

2). You will have a time of 3 minutes to finish the first three waves and you will get an extra minute for the fourth wave where you will be facing the boss. You have to focus on destroying the enemy groups around you as early as possible so that you can save some time for the boss fight.

3). Bosses in the final wave will have a big health bar, and with levels, more and stronger bosses will be in the fight. There will be other smaller enemies also in the final wave, so playing in two groups is good. One group must focus on killing the boss and another group must focus on killing the smaller enemies around.

4). First 5 waves will have common objectives like clear hive before time expires, locate and disable shadowrift and exterminate all hive bosses. In the sixth wave, you will have to survive hive, finish the heroic event and defeat every boss. The final wave will be the toughest one. There will be the lot of enemies of different types of witches, ogres, etc. The bigger the team the easier to kill them all. Use explosive on the crowd.

5). You will get one minute break after finishing up a Level before the time finishes travel and trigger the next node. It is important for all team members to stay together. Because once the node is activated a horde of the enemy will spawn.

6). New Valkyrie Relic weapon is recommended as best against the Bosses in the final wave. But it comes with limitations so you can’t use it all the time. Keep it reserved for the last fight. The weapon can be unlocked by walking towards Rasputin Vents, glowing green gas and using consumable.

7). Carry different weapons and switch up load-outs in the battle. For example, using Rocket against a huge group is very effective. Shotguns and snipers are best against Wizards, you will need a composite set of good weapons and abilities to win Escalation Mode. Hunter’s ability like Shadowshot in Nightstalker subclass is ideal for crowd control. So experimenting with different abilities will help you a lot and increase your chances of survival.

Winning Escalation Protocol mode can offer you various rewards, weapons, perks, etc. You can earn special armor dropped by the bosses in the end. So you can earn upto pretty decent rewards. Escalation Mode is more a team-based fight, you will need a right strategy with players focusing on different objective to easily win it.

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